domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013


Welcome to our blog, now we are going to introduce you a new chapter from ecology.

The ECO Times is a group of mexicans students that offers the latest news in the global ecology.

Remember be green, we can change the world.

Enjoy it!

Mauricio Zamudio García
The ECO times, CEO.


The Japanese company Blest Corporation created a machine that turns plastic bags into oil for use as fuel this machine is not only for industrial purposes but can be installed in homes for $ 10,000, while consuming a kw, this machine makes two pounds of plastic in one liter of oil.


Perhaps the father of the "green movement", recycling was installed gradually in our lives, from being something that required of our effort to become a habit over our daily lives, it means nothing more than separate our waste,glass, cans, paper and cardboard, organic waste everything has its place.


Bioethanol is a fuel produced from natural agricultural products such as corn, wheat, sugarcane and potatoes, among others, it is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels and is a source of green energy, bioethanol is also easy to produce and store.

sábado, 12 de octubre de 2013


You need to know

What is the water cycle ?
Is the transformation of the water cycle, the water found on the surface evaporates Terrestra , allowing you to reach the clouds , from which then falls as precipitation to return to the surface and start the cycle again .

The phases of the water cycle:

  • Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Presipitation
  • Infiltration
  • Run-Off
  • Circulation


I researched and found a list of most polluting companies in the world, it's time to meet...

  1. Wal-Mart: staple. It is the third largest public corporation in the world and is formed by major retailers who operate care of discount department stores.
  2. Exxon Mobil: energy and oil. It is the leading oil and guilty of more than an oil spill.
  3. Bank of America: Financial. It is the second largest banking corporation in the world.
  4. Bayern: pharmacist. It is the leading company worldwide in the field of medicines and remedies.
  5. Saint-Gobain: Industrial. Manufactures all kinds of material structures.
  6. Samsung: technology. South Korean conglomerate famous for its electronic devices like computers and mobile phones.
  7. Arcelor-Mittal: metallurgist. It is the largest steel producer in the world and the only globally.
  8. Verizon: telecommunications. One of the major phone carriers in the world, based in USA
  9. RWE: energy.
  10. Carnival: luxury goods.

Electric cars are conquering U.S

Every time a greater number of electric and hybrid cars are being used in the United States, circulating units have greatly increased in recent years. With the increase in the number of electric cars is also starting to see a large number of charging stations for these vehicles that are in favor of ecology.